Monday, May 21, 2012

Jagannath Puri

        One of most famous pilgrim of India, where people gathered from all over the world. The home of lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra . the temple is less decorated then the Mukteshwar and Konark temlpe. I was not believing that I am really going to visit this holy city within a minute and will change my life and view. the statue of god is amazing and beautiful, so simplified that normal and highly learned people can easily relate with them, he is god of all leaving being on earth. he feeds all the creatures and humans. the beauty of that temple is its campus and garbhagriha. Lots of people rolling in the stairs of Puri temple and shashtanga salute to the gods, both sides priests and sages are performing the rituals and pind dan. beggars are also there in the temples people are giving them money, rice and fruit and bhogs animals are also the very blessed creature at Puri ,when we both ,Biswa Bikash and me were there people were cleaning the road all over the Puri , each and every corner of the city the making neat and clean, I was so surprise to see this nature , these all devotees came from Haryana and Punjab...    


  1. Jagnnath temple in puri is a famous hindu temple dedicated to lord jagnnath.Its a one of in char dham yatra .Puri is popular amongst pilgrims for its Rath Yatra, its natural adornment makes it a heaven for tourists.visit yatra2yatra.con and find more religious hinu places with their detailed information.

  2. Hi..Very informational blog post. Shri Jagannath Temple in Puri is one of the four holiest religious sites for Hindus or one temples in the Char Dham yatra that a Hindu is expected to make within his lifetime. For accommodation, check out these hotels in Puri .