Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Didi

This santal lady is a school teacher in Mayurbhanj district, elder sister of Shakuntala Mandi.  She is very laborious and sweet . I made her sketch while she was having breakfast. first day when me and Bisva reached there , as a custom santal serve a pot filled with water. This show the respect towards the guest. According to the tribe custom every elder person among the guest will receive the water pot which we call it Lota dak, After that few drops of water we drop in the ground in the name of Marang Buru the  God of forest, Karam gosain ( goddess of wealth) and goddess of forest which we call her Jaher Era, the wife of forest God.

In the evening we had mandi daka, which is really delicious with mango chatni. and chili namak. he had this food in shed. In summer its cool . we did not feel so much hot inside the shed. we joined the procession of guru gonke . they were celebrating  birthday of Gurugonke one of the most famous personality among santhals, they adore him like a god , he was the father of santhal, he developed a scripte for santhal and other tribal comunities. he wrote lots of poetry essays and stories etc. Me and Biswa joined this group and documented the procession. we all like Shakuntala and we both wore the traditional cloth. It was fantastic. I never did this thing in NID too. But I donot know in her village it just happened. people wre walking without chaples and umbrella. they were shouting three -four nara, like

1.ol cheke do ced kana?
- Adiwasiat med kana .

2. sodu kanhu birsa bir!
- babo tahen japid thir.

3. Guru gonke ak atma patal khon ?
- rakab ma rakab ma!

4. Guru gonke ak atma sorog khon ?
- Argon ma argon ma! all these.
After the procession we reached manjhi than ,the worshiping place of village head man. they made tant . lots of women and child and old people were also there. every one were sitted in the mated ground  some are in the chair like some sound and music players and guest. me and shakuntal were recording the event.

Santhal in mayurbhanj that day they offer few fruite dhuna and sunum sidoor ... what ever in general pooja required. They make a pind they clean that place with cow dung and water and pour rice and after that they place lota dak. they keep his photo and garland him with forest flowers. when I saw I also felt so surprised that what are things these local people are doing how much they believe on this miraculous man.

After pooja we all came home. went river to take a bath, the river has water generally in summer river dried but it has water, cristal clear water , we had clicked photo. I was afraiding of naxalite they could approch us . but later i find it that thaey are much far far from us . but I was also afraid of  wild animals and cobra crocodiles when I was going to take bath i asked Shaku's brother cetan that are there any crodiles also comes? he said no. But Shakuntala already told me all these creature must be around who knows? So, the fear was also with me. before bath me and Biswa went for field. I did much erlier, but i was waiting for Biswa that when he will come back. I was calling him again and again no response from Biswa . I thought might be some ghost or naxalite had took him or might be some animals. but did not stoped callling his name again and again , later he came out slowly and said I am not getting suitable place to decend in the river. I thanked God ! He is safe . other wise her mother could scold me that where have you lost my only one son.

I asked Cetan where should take bath ? Here only . there was a small stone, its like polised and oiled stone each and every grain were shining. I was so afraid of that river water . who knows from where which water snak will apear and take you in your stomack. I was waiting in the side to wait some shoud enter in water first. I saw Cetan went inside the water in deep ,again Biswa he was swiming , I was still wondering of crocodiles . Because I saw in National geography chanel how dangeriously they bite. even that rever was also shady and it was the time of evening. Another boy who was in the other side of river searching some pables or something else putting headphone in his ears, I was also bothering about him that might some leopard will come from the back and will take him. He will never realised how he reached in the middle of the dence forest. with us another boy was there he was not even moving from his place he was waiting for us to finish our activity. When I was conform enough that I can go inside there is no harm i went and in the med of the river I was triyng to touch the ground I didnot touched the ground, but Biswa shown me that see I touched the ground. I was no believing he might laing to me , how is seeing that his feet is touching ground or not?

Mayurbhanj is the land of forest and tribes.


Me and Bisva Bikash reached a forest village of manmohanpur, in Mayurbhanj district of Orissa, Its very beautiful hilly village, people even make houses by leaves and trunks in this 21century also. I was so surprise to see. They are so close to nature . Now they are also started making  concrete houses, they are also getting roads and health centers.

My second native

       Sometimes I feel I should write about my village, which is less beautiful then the where ever I visited in India. I saw richness of beauty, greenary spread all over the land, lots of historical monuments are there. but I donot know some how I like the village of Damodarpur. Palm tree date trees and other trees...


Jagannath Puri

        One of most famous pilgrim of India, where people gathered from all over the world. The home of lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra . the temple is less decorated then the Mukteshwar and Konark temlpe. I was not believing that I am really going to visit this holy city within a minute and will change my life and view. the statue of god is amazing and beautiful, so simplified that normal and highly learned people can easily relate with them, he is god of all leaving being on earth. he feeds all the creatures and humans. the beauty of that temple is its campus and garbhagriha. Lots of people rolling in the stairs of Puri temple and shashtanga salute to the gods, both sides priests and sages are performing the rituals and pind dan. beggars are also there in the temples people are giving them money, rice and fruit and bhogs animals are also the very blessed creature at Puri ,when we both ,Biswa Bikash and me were there people were cleaning the road all over the Puri , each and every corner of the city the making neat and clean, I was so surprise to see this nature , these all devotees came from Haryana and Punjab...    


         This wonderful small or i can say miniature sculpture of Mahashveta is amazing. One hand is damaged , carved in red sandstone with intricated, decorated and compacte design, its attracte visitores. This temple has lots of small beautiful scupltures and Buddhist torana. Its seems me to that is made of fired red bricks and terracotta. you will forget all your sarrow and grief. In the back of this temple has a big fish tank.  Good time to visit this temple  is evening...  when you will see red orange sky with this warm red sculpted monument. you will feel that you are enjoying heavenlly fruit in this earth! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


A young devotee carying a pot at Puri Temle. I liked the dressing style, he was wearing white dhoti and had put another piece of cloth on his sholder . He was distributing prasad. 

War horse

In the south entrance I saw two war hosre, defeating  enemies and showing victory... 

Last horse of the Sun Chariot


       Last horse of chariot of Sun Temple, Its mad me very sad, when I saw this horse in its condition. I really wanted to see the seven horses of  the chariot but I found only one hosre on his complete condition another second horse's head only left and rest of them are vanished from the place. I donot know where they gone. Its like magic in 2006 seven hosres were pulling this huge temple with all their energy and courage now only one left.

I wanted to visit Sun Temple much before in 2006 but I didnot get chance to go there but this time I think Lord Jagannath had heard my prayer and I felt that I am very lucky to visit that place.I thank him and my friend too. In 2006 from our art college students went for educational tour they shown me the images of konark that time it was something else and it is something different from erlier images because the time and nature had destroyed the beauty of the konark, the temple is made of red sand stone and the salty water gradully destroying the liniar details of sculptures.

Now this place is quite unsafe to travel inside the Jagmohana because you can't imagine from which place which stone will slide and will fall on your head but be careful to go near the heavy rocky carved monument . This is so huge marbolouse magnificent munument , when I saw it for a while forgot that I am in the earthy land, I imagined that I am in some where like heaven, even heared the sound of music and dance in the temples its so amazing. when you will think this temle with main garbhagriha you will fall in love with this magnificent monument. It was almost 229 ft. you will find even lots of pieces of main teples are lying around the Jagmohana.

This miraculouse magnificant huge monument had gave me enough energy and courage to decide my future. I really enjoyed each and every carving of this temple epecially all big gaintic lion and elephants horses and wheels and unforgetable sculptures of erotic poses.