Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sohrai, Harvesting Festival

Sohrai is the biggest and most sacred festival of the santal tribe. So we belives it as grandiose as an elephant. Long ago the God of mountain had blessed the santal people with cattle for agriculture and livelihood. He told them to respect cow as mother and bull as father because a cow provides you with milk and a bull works hard to support your agriculture.
This festivalis celebrated in remembrance of that divine occurence , every year after Kali Puja and befor Makar Sankranti. In this festival we pay homage to our Gods of Mountain and our ancestors and also worship our cattle.
This film took me almost one year to finish...
This documentary film deals with the richness of the tribal culture and art. Nicelly painted and drawn wall murals and relief works. Their song and art form are derived from the nature. Last year in January I went my village and captured this wonderful feastival. I am dedicating this film to my grand mother and my grand father.